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Why a Quartz Timepiece?

Quartz is a kind of movement that causes the second hand for moving in individual ticks and it is powered by a battery. Analog watch with a quartz movement is dominating the clock and wristwatch market since the 1980s. Quartz timepieces are more accurate than the mechanical ones for having the high Q factor and low-temperature coefficient in them.

Benefits and Importance of Having Analog Watch with Quartz Movement:

Maintenance Free: Precision of quartz movement is the biggest advantage of all other movements. A high-quality quartz movement barely changes its direction from the exact time; it will be like only about 1-2 seconds.

Battery Life Endurance: Quartz watches, for being battery-powered, are practically very economical and the life of the battery is high as well.

Cheap: Quartz watches, unlike the mechanical or automatic watches, are less expensive as they require less watch making hours and skills as well.

Easy to Use: As these watches are battery-controlled, they do not need human mediation for ticking continuously.

Watch Durability: An analog watch with a quartz movement possesses a very few moving parts that may need improvisation. That is why it is more durable than a mechanical movement.

Reliable: However, luxury watches wearers prefer mechanical movements in their watches; quartz watches are mostly preferred for their accurate function and reliability.

In every respect, be it less manufacturing cost, high durability or functional accuracy, quartz timepieces provide satisfactory advantages to watch wearers so that they get benefited.