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Your Handbag vs Your Personality

By looking at the type of handbag and or purse that you carry along, we can tell whether you prefer stability or making wild memories—and, to think, you were just worried if it matched your shoes and the entire outfit. A bag is the most important accessory as it defines your style, distinguish yourself from others, completes the outfit, and carries your world

Shoulder Bag — You’re a Charismatic and Multi-Faceted Doer 

It is obvious that you like to show your status! You are a multitasker and you need to have your arms free so you can use them. You love to turn heads and impress people with your fashion choices. To you, a covetable shoulder bag is the ultimate marker of status and success, so you’re always working hard to expand your collection. Exuding timeless style, the shoulder bag takes you from workday to date night with no wardrobe change (or purse swap!) necessary. Such adaptability suits the many roles you play to a tee. As ambitious as you are playful, you defy definition and exude more than a bit of alluring mystery.

Tote — You’re a Far-Sighted Pragmatist 

You’re opinionated and steadfast, always voicing your opinion, even when it’s unpopular. You’re an organizer who is not afraid to take an initiative and taking a stand for your strong beliefs. You have a lot to juggle in your life and the tote fits just about everything you need to help accomplish your goals.

With its open top and single, roomy compartment, this bag style is literally a “carryall,” hinting that you come more than ready to take on just about every situation. Fitting a diverse arsenal of tools both large and small, from a book in case you find yourself stuck at the doctor’s office, to a safety pin to fix, say, a broken purse strap, your bag is the picture of preparedness and an apt reflection of your own versatility.

Clutch — You’re a Visual Thinker

You are organized and minimalistic as you can only bring along a few little items A fashionista’s best friend, a clutch bag represents elegance. Its small size makes it fairly inconvenient, hinting that you’re more interested in its lines and contours. Drawn to beauty in all forms, be it art or decor, and a minimalist at heart, you gravitate to this subtle, stylish silhouette because you know that sometimes, less is indeed more. Lest we forget, you’re also a real people person who will tear up the dance floor before you call it the night.

Hobo/Bucket Bags — You’re an Imaginative Dreamer 

You’re creative, free-spirited, and loves to grab your bag and jet off to wherever the wind may take you, whether you’re headed on a solo road trip or meeting up with friends. Bucket-bag lovers prefer consistency. Your bag is your precious ornament, you don’t enjoy change easily and find familiarity attractive. If you’re someone who wants to use the same bag every day for years on end (until you literally wear it down to the point it’s unusable), we bet a bucket bag is your favorite style.

Crossbody/Messenger Bags — You’re a Bold Adventurer

This “hands-free” style handbag affords you unfettered freedom of movement. An avid traveler, you crave new experiences and relish exploring different cultures. It’s got just enough space for your keys, phone, and wallet, and an adjustable strap that ensures it hits at the perfect length for your shape. 

Backpack — You’re Adventurous

You’re always dreaming of traveling the world with nothing but the essentials. Comfort and style is your mantra. Backpack lovers want a hands-free lifestyle, without compromising on their fashion statement. They believe in healthy living and just like their mind, their backpacks are clutter-free. They value reliability and a sense of belonging, keeping their backpack as a close companion on their adventure-filled life,

Wallet Carrier – You never expect the worst


As an ultimate idealist, when you leave your house, you assume a wallet is all you need. You’re so positive and upbeat that you’d never expect something to go wrong. But while this quality makes you so pleasant to be around, it also means you’re pretty unprepared when accidents happen. “Your nature is easy going and you love to be surrounded by people with a passion for life,”